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Ditulis oleh Tengku Azmi   
Isnin, 15 April 2013 16:56

Although today was raining, the NILAM programme still went on for boys from Form 1-3.

After much needed explanation, they got the hang of it and enthusiastically completed their reading and documenting their read books inside their very own Buku Rekod Bacaan NILAM.

Of course, Cik Norbahira, Hjh Zaini, Pn Che Asmah, Pn Azitawati and Pn Wan Nurul Arifah supervised the session at the school canteen while Pn Hjh Norlina and Cik Siti Aisyah conducted the session in the MBMMBI Room.

The NILAM programme will be a continuous event, Insya Allah with the help of the teachers and the cooperation of the students.




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